Pastoral Call Questionnaire
Ordination Service

The ABCNJ Regional Ministry Team resources our congregations when they seek candidates for ministry positions.

All pastors seeking new calls in an ABCNJ church must first submit their ministry resumé, references, and ABPS Profile. These may be mailed to the region office or emailed to Additionally, the information described below must be on file at our office. This may be submitted by using the form below.

To read our code of ethics, please follow this link

Pastoral Call Questionnaire Form.

Information collected in this form is for use by the American Baptist Churches of New Jersey and will not be sold or redistributed without permission. It may be shared churches which match the below responses, as well as with the national American Baptist information database as part of our covenantal responsibilities with The American Baptist Churches USA.

I give permission to ABCNJ to store this information and disseminate it to congregations in the region which may match my interest. I also give permission to ABCNJ to share the below information with ABCUSA's national database. *
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Have there been any allegations of misconduct in ministry that have been made against you to the church, any denominational body or any law enforcement agency (this includes charges of sexual misconduct, financial impropriety, abuse of power, etc.)? If yes, please explain the nature of the allegations and the manner in which they were resolved. *
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