ABCNJ Sacred Safe Spaces Congregational Covenant Agreement

Our Vision

Healthy and faithful beloved communities where peace, mutual respect, justice and love are upheld for all people.

Our Mission

Faith leaders. congregations, neighborhood organizations working collaboratively to create compassionate healing communities that provide a safe place for the restoration of those who have experienced violence.

This covenant formalizes the relationship between ABCNJ Sacred Safe Spaces and the partner listed below. It represents a formal commitment work in partnership to pursue the mission stated above.

American Baptist Churches of New Jersey, Sacred Safe Spaces, Agrees to:

  1. Equip God’s people for the work of the Sacred Safe Spaces Ministry by providing basic support, resources, training and direction in building a Sacred Safe Space strategy with a covenant partner.
  2. Provide electronic communications about upcoming events, trainings, webinars, other resources.
  3. Present to new covenant partners a Sacred Safe Spaces banner at the Annual Session of ABCNJ in recognition of their commitment to this mission.
  4. Link a covenant partner to a network of healthy beloved communities in the American Baptist Churches of New Jersey.
  5. Provide a sound biblical and spiritual foundation for building a safe, peaceful and restorative space for the healing of body, mind and spirit.

<Church Name>, Agrees to:

  1. Cultivate and nurture a cultural space where healthy relationships are taught and practiced. 
  2. Educate its congregation/fellowship about the signs of unhealthy relationships. Unhealthy relationships are seen as ones that devalue, traumatize and do violent toward individuals and families. This violence can be experienced in homes, schools, workplaces and community. Examples include but not limited to domestic violence, sexual harassment, sexual assaults, bullying, elder abuse, human trafficking.
  3. Encourage intentional practice of healthy relationships which include mutual respect, justice, love and peace for all persons.
  4. Inform its congregation/fellowship, especially young people, pre-marital couples, workers, families etc. about the signs of unhealthy, traumatic and violent relationships.
  5. Be prepared to intervene if violence is suspected, protecting the victim-survivor, not blaming them  and keeping them safe as a priority while keeping the abuser accountable for their behavior.
  6. Be a Sacred Safe Space for all but especially for those who have experienced violence in their lives by providing healing support for victim-survivors.
  7. Display helpful information, brochures and posters where victims can take the information without discovery. This information will display telephone numbers for local and national hotlines, local shelters and helpful programs, and other resources.
  8. Be a part of the Sacred Safe Spaces electronic informational network which will provide such information as training opportunities and events.
  9. Develop internal procedures to address any allegations of abuse by members and religious leaders to ensure that all are safe and respected in this congregation/fellowship.

Making the Covenant

If your church has voted to adopt the Sacred Safe Spaces Covenant, you may download a PDF of the covenant via the button to the right and return the completed form to the ABCNJ Region Office:


You may also fill out the form below and it will be emailed to Rev. Estelle David, ABCNJ's Sacred Safe Spaces Coordinator.

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