Rev. Vernl E. Mattson

Rev. Vernl Mattson

Rev. Mattson retired from his full-time position as Associate Regional Pastor in December 2015 but returned part-time as ABCNJ Ministries Database Specialist.  He contributed to ABCNJ’s development of several database applications that are used within their ministries.  Early in 2006, he provided an Excel application for the staff to use in dealing with the Health and Faithfulness Survey. In 2011, he took his sabbatical time learning the FileMaker Pro software and creating the ABCNJ Camp Registration Database.  The following year, he developed a Regional Database that has been enhanced annually to meet the increased usage of what is called the Church and Leadership application. The Church and Leadership application also provides information to the ABCIS system nationally and is key to the ABC Registry for professional leadership recognized by the denomination from ABCNJ. This application creates the important information that is included in the annual ABCNJ directory. Within the Church and Leadership application staff are able to record the contacts being made with churches and pastors.  Since 2004, this has been done to provide helpful information as we seek to encouragement, assistance, and partner with our pastors and churches.

His skills in application development created the ABCNJ Ordination Process database that now tracks nearly 80 persons at different stages in their ordination process. This application has greatly enhanced our ability to know each persons progress towards ordination and recognition. Rev. Mattson’s worked on the ABCNJ Academy application that records attendance of pastors seeking our Certificate of Ministry Excellence. Also, if you have ever attended our Annual Session or a COAL training event, the name tags generally have been created by data from your Eventbrite registration and then merged into a Microsoft name tag designed for this event containing more than just your name.

When ABCNJ adopted a new approach to their Search and Call Ministry with congregations, Rev. Mattson was called upon to develop a FileMaker application that would hold ABPS profiles of those seeking a call, the various search and call committees currently in ABCNJ and track related data received such as resumes, applications, and references.  The application has greatly assisted all Associate Regional Pastors in our ministry with congregations looking for new pastoral leadership as well as pastors seeking a call within ABCNJ.

Upon retirement, Rev. Mattson was asked to serve part-time to continue as the database specialist. In addition, he sought to share these databases with other Regions within the American Baptist Churches of the USA and to retain the solid relationship with the American Baptist Church Information System (ABCIS) and the American Baptist Personnel Service (ABPS).  Currently, he is a consultant to the American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware who have obtained some of these database applications for use in their Region. 

In 2016, Rev. Mattson was invited to serve on the Board of Managers of the American Baptist Computer Center at the ABCUSA Mission Center in Valley Forge, PA.  This has been an honor and privilege to meet with those involved with technology and to provide a regional input.  
Though technology has been part of his ministry, he still loves to preach in the churches, share devotionals and provide leadership training. Rev. Mattson said, “We have a privilege given by Christ to be in ministry with pastors and congregations to address the opportunities for evangelism, discipleship, worship renewal, and the many ministries within ABCNJ and beyond. I enjoy seeing congregations discover God’s vision for their ministry and to do so in a healthy and faithful way.” Rev. Mattson still is available to do supply preaching based upon his availability.

Corrine and Vernl Mattson have made their retirement home in Mount Holly, New Jersey.  They are blessed with two adult daughters and five grandchildren. He still can be reached by cell phone or the ABCNJ e-mail address.

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