Search and Call Stages

 Search and Call Process Stages

The ABCNJ regional team journeys with churches during their transitional seasons. When a congregation's pastor ends their ministry we provide guidance for how a church can say goodbye to the outgoing pastor, assist with calling an interim minister, and act as consultants to the church's search committee.

Our consultation begins with a congregational discernment retreat designed to help the church understand the spiritual dynamics of their journey. It clarifies the questions churches have about the transition they are experiencing.

Once a search committee is formed, they create a congregational profile to share the churches story with potential candidates.

The committee meets with candidates who have been vetted by the regional team. It is expected our churches will call only an ABC ordained pastor or a candidate who is willing to seek ABCUSA recognized ordination.

When a finalist is chosen by the committee, he or she spends time with the congregation prior to its vote.

When a call is offered and accepted, the work of the search committee concludes on a joyous note – an installation service.