United Mission Basics (UMB)

The foremost denominational family offering is called United Mission Basics (UMB). Through this offering, all of the major aspects of ABCUSA and ABCNJ missions are supported - regional, national and international. ABCNJ receives about 65% of all UM receipts, which represents the largest mission income line for the region. On the mission form, United Mission has 2 lines: UM Basics is for contributions from churches. AB Women’s Ministries Love Gifts (LG) are contributions from American Baptist Women in support of American Baptist ministry, given in addition to United Mission Basics.

Region Offering (RO) for ABCNJ

This is the most direct way your church can support your home region, ABCNJ. One hundred percent (100%) of all offerings given by our churches under this category is retained for the ministries of ABCNJ! ABCNJ provides pastoral support for clergy and churches, spiritual guidance, educational opportunities for pastors and lay leaders. Visit our ABCNJ website, www.abcnj.net, to get more information of our vital ministries together!

Specifics (SPC)

Specifics (SPC) are contributions designated for specific projects and ministries to ABCNJ and our ABC partners, which are over and above UM and RO. Churches often use this category to support ABCNJ ministries such as Baptist Camp Lebanon, New Church Development, the ABCNJ Academy, and ABCNJ GoGlobal. If your church wants ABC mission credit for your Cedars of Lebanon 2020 donations, use this category.

The America for Christ Offering (AFC)

The America for Christ Offering supports the work of the American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) - our domestic denominational ministry arm. Ministries supported by this offering include chaplaincy, youth conferences, and children in poverty work. ABCNJ receives 1/3 of AFC for region-wide work. For a detailed list of the ministries, go to www.abhms.org.

Retired Ministers and Missionaries Offering (RMO)

RMO is a tangible way the American Baptist family demonstrates their appreciation for the commitment, service and spiritual guidance of retired ministers, missionaries and their widowed spouses. The offering supports those who have devoted their lives to God’s service by providing emergency assistance in times of need and a thank you check at the end of each year.

One Great Hour of Sharing (OGH)

The OGH offering enables American Baptist emergency relief, refugee work, disaster rehabilitation, and development assistance both in the USA and around the world. In response to crises and disasters, ABCNJ churches and members generously share practical support through this offering. Following Hurricane Sandy, we also received substantial hurricane rebuilding and restoration grants through OGH.

World Mission Offering (WMO)

American Baptists engage in global missions and ministry through International Ministries, which is supported by the World Mission Offering (WMO). Our missionaries serve alongside our international Baptist partners in more than 30 countries. For a detailed list of the worldwide ministries of American Baptists through IM, go to their website at www.internationalministries.org.

Institutional Support (ISP)

Institutional Support participation is available to ABC related seminaries, colleges, campus ministry foundations, training centers, homes and hospitals, and special services.

Targeted Giving (TG)

Gifts are used to fund specific IM missionaries’ salaries and the National Boards.

Non-ABMS Offerings

Two other minor categories, Campaigns for ABC Work (CGM) and Miscellaneous Objectives (MO), are for legacy campaigns or non-ABC related donations. We recommend that churches considering using these lines contact the region office first.

How to be credited for mission support

Make out your check to American Baptist Churches, USA.

You may mail your check and mission support report form directly to the national office in Valley Forge or to the ABCNJ region office. If you mail them to the ABCNJ region office, we can confirm that your form is accurately filled out and reflects your wishes. We forward all ABMS mission offerings to the national office.


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