What is a Fresh Expression (of church)?

Last week, ABCNJ announced our Fresh Expressions Initiative.  Fresh Expressions is a form of church for our changing culture established primarily for the benefit of people who are not yet part of any church.  At its heart, Fresh Expressions is about two things: • Proclaiming that established churches have a critical, if not central, role to play in God’s mission in our time.

• Empowering and equipping God’s people in every congregation to develop creative ways to reach the increasing diversity of our society.

A true movement of God begins with a sense of awe and wonder. So let us wonder. Where are the people we want to reach? Who are they? How do we work outside the walls of the church—but in partnership with the church to do so?

What does a Fresh Expression Look Like?

• Fresh Expressions are attentive to a micro-climate or environment— i.e. a group of people who share a similar interest, hobby or meeting place.

• They consider “affinity” before geography. Think about social networks. You might have more in common with someone who lives 10 miles from you than you do with the person who lives next door.

• On the other hand, one might also think hyper-local: The people who live on your street or on the same hall in your apartment building might be the right people for a Fresh Expression.

• Fresh Expressions are small-scale. Think 20-70 people: big enough to throw a party, but small enough to know everyone’s name.

• Fresh Expressions often meet in homes and neighborhood gathering spots.

We are still accepted nominations 9for oneself and for other key leaders in your church) for the 2013 Fresh Expressions Mission Leaning Community.  To join the group or to apply for one of our scholarships, contact Dr. Spitzer by November 1.