The Summer At a Glance


The summer of 2016 saw 20 more campers than 2015!  More campers gives us more opportunities to make new disciples and we will always be grateful for that.  This summer we used the theme of Jesus 1 to 1.  Our Bible studies centered on how Jesus interacted with individuals in the Bible.   We also shared the "Good News" that He desires to have a one on relationship with each and every camper, staffer and volunteer. For the past couple of years we have been trying to add new games and activities for our campers to explore and learn. Last summer we added the "Human Foosball" pit and this year we added a "Ga-Ga" pit.  Both of these additions have brought much enjoyment and entertainment to all who played or watched.  We also saw our Adrenaline Sports camp session try out some borrowed "battle balls'.  I don't remember a time when I laughed as hard as when I watched the campers bouncing off of each other while trying to knock down the larger staff.

During our orientation, with the summer staff, I always share that there are about 50 - 60 decisions for Christ each year.  Some are first time commitments others are re-dedications and some are to pursue a career as a pastor or missionary.  I always share that there are silent decisions made that we never know of.  One of my staffers spoke up and shared that he prayed in his bunk at night that Jesus would come into his heart!  He also shared that he became a staffer to help other campers feel the love of Jesus as shared through a loving and caring staff!

Camp Lebanon is still in the business of changing lives one camper at a time.