The Opening Worship Service


I attended as a representative of ABCNJ  Associate Regional Pastor for Asian Ministries. The opening worship service of the Chin Community Baptist Church, Philadelphia on April 28, 2013. Sunday, 1:30 PM. I received an invitation from them for sharing and benediction. One of our First Asian Baptist Church lay leader from Haddonfield NJ, Rev. James Lian Ve, a Falam chin Pastor, will be preaching there every Sunday-not as the regular pastor but sort of interim. They are using the facilities of the American Snyder Ave Congregational Church in South Philadelphia with a service from 1:30-2:30. There are 5 different Burmese  churches and including First Asian Baptist Congregation attended to celebrate with them on their opening service. Rev. Florence Li, ABHMS Asian Churches Strategist and Burma Refugees Task Force, participated by giving encouragement words. May God use that church to spread and witness for Christ.