Thank you ABW


Today was a very good day for Camp Lebanon, thanks to the American Baptist Women of New Jersey. About two years ago they began a fundraiser to replace the remaining counter tops in the Hoener Inn kitchen. They worked hard making brochures to help in the promotion of the fundraiser. In December they presented Camp Lebanon with a gift of over $2,700.00. Now it was our turn to get it in gear. Within a week, Hilary and I were off to Lowe's to see what our gift could provide. We were excited to find that we were able to purchase and have installed almost an identicle counter top! After returning to camp from my lunch break I quickly looked in to see that the countertop was totally installed. It looks AWESOME! All we need to do is reinstall the sinks and load up all of the cabinets to complete the project. ABW of NJ thank you, thank you and thank you!

We are now ready for you all to come and inspect the job!