Testify! Devotional eBooks are available!


Would you like to support Cedars of Lebanon and grow in your faith at the same time? Have you been interested in ABCNJ’s Testify! devotional, but prefer eBooks to print? Have you already purchased the book, but find yourself wishing it was easier to bring with you, wherever you go? We have some great news for you! Testify! eBooks are now available!

Here's the process.

Note: If you have already purchased a copy of Testify! you may skip step one, but donating again is never discouraged.

Step one, make a donation to Cedars of Lebanon.

Use the button below to go to ABCNJ's online donations page. Make at least a $10 donation, and in the box marked "Please direct my donation to" select BCL: Cedars of Lebanon 2020.

[button color="blue" link="https://americanbaptistchurchesofnewjerseyft.fasttransact.net/Web/PaymentCodePayment.aspx?tkn=XqL8IhkWSy2daEBqxzqOmBWoHsl27uX6swR3SPG4aclOwLNlVp1uJM2ElxbwJz9pIx" size="default" target="_self" block="false"] Donate to Cedars of Lebanon Today![/button]

Step two, download your eBook

Use the buttons below to choose either ePub (Nook, Sony, iBooks, Google Play Books) or Mobi (Kindle) format and download your book.

That's it! The books do not come with digital restrictions management (DRM) applied and are free for you to use on any personal device you wish. We do ask, as the proceeds for the book are going toward Cedars of Lebanon, you do not share the files with others. But please do encourage others to donate to this worthy cause!

Enjoy the devotional!

[button color="darkbrown" link="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/405587/Testify%21%20An%20ABCNJ%20Devotional%20-%20ABCNJ.mobi" size="default" iconbefore="amazon" target="_self" block="false"]Mobi format (Kindle)[/button]

[button color="darkgreen" link="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/405587/Testify-Devotional-2015.epub" size="default" iconbefore="book" target="_self" block="false"]ePub format (All other Readers)[/button]