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Good News From The Bonillas!

You have prayed. You have encouraged us. You have supported us… You want to know… The Bonilla-Giovanettis are going to NICARAGUA, land of lakes, volcanoes, poets, and contrasts… There are too many details on how we could “HEAR the CALL” to this new field of service for us, but suffice to say that it was a decision well prayed for, as a family (including our children), with our Area Director, and with the support of our MPT. While continuing to pray and coveting your prayers for our siblings in Spain in their time of need in a country that closed its doors to us (and other protestant religious workers), we are grateful the Lord opened a door for us in Nicaragua where we will continue to serve Him as we have in Chile, in Pennsylvania, in Puerto Rico, in Spain, in Indiana, and everywhere we are and go. We have been invited to work with the Baptist Theological Seminary in Nicaragua, accompanying them in the program of informal theological education in the churches of the Baptist Convention of Nicaragua and as writers of curriculum material for the Seminary. We continue as long-term missionaries to Nicaragua serving through our mission society following our service in Chile (2000-2010) and Spain (2010-2012).

We just want to say how grateful we are to the Lord; to our children; to our MPTers in Indiana/SC, New Jersey/TN, and Puerto Rico; to each person that has accompanied and encouraged and supported us in this time of transition. Special thanks to the ABWM of Indiana for allowing us to tag along their 2012 State Project Chairperson, Cori Catellier (our Daniela’s gauntie!) as she has championed across the state sharing the needs, challenges, and opportunities at The Good Way-Women’s Shelter in Lorca, Spain, a project that we will see to completion regardless of our inability to return at this time for continued ministry to Spain.

So, now you know. Spread our word of joy and gratitude. We’ll be in Indiana wrapping up our visits until October 31st and on November 1st we begin visiting our network siblings in OH, NY, CT, RI, PA, and NJ. We’ll be in Puerto Rico in December, visiting churches and family, and from there we’ll fly to Managua by mid-January 2013 to begin writing our next chapters of adventures, blessings, and challenges from YOUR new place of service with us. Your prayers, encouragement, and support make it possible. Thank you! You can continue to email us at the same e-address and send snail mail to us in c/o International Ministries / PO Box 851 / Valley Forge, PA  19482-0851 until we can provide you with our new address in Nicaragua.

Charles Spurgeon once said: “Millions have never heard of Jesus. We ought not to ask, ‘Can I prove that I ought to go?’ but, ‘Can I prove that I ought not to go?’ ” How can we prove that we ought not to go? We cannot. To spread the Good News and empower many in Nicaragua to do likewise, we ought to go… Your World Mission Offering provides resources for those of us who go (like the Parajón and the Pierre) and for our serving with their Seminary and ministries, and with their 240 Baptist churches in 9 regions. Looking forward to introducing our/your new siblings in Christ!

Pressing toward the goal from our new place of service,

the BGsEnRoute to Nicaragua (


Water in a Thirsty Land

For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants. Isaiah 44:3
If your mental image of Brazil is the vast Amazon rain forest, or the huge megalopolis of Rio de Janeiro, think again. We just returned from a trip to the semi-arid northeastern part of the country, called the sertão (sehr-táhw). We visited several towns near Montalvânia in Minas Gerais state and Carinhanha in Bahia state. It is a place of struggle, poverty, and survival - a place where God’s words through the prophet Isaiah take on a special meaning.

New Hope in Batateiras

A highlight of our trip was returning to Batateiras. In 2009 we led a short-term mission team to this remote rural community. It was a tremendous experience that blessed the families there, our home church Igreja Batista Reviver in Belo Horizonte, and our partner church Igreja Batista Paz e Vida in Montalvânia (read more at

After a bumpy hour-long drive along back-country dirt roads, we arrived in front of Senhor Antônio and Dona Rosa’s house. They greeted us with warm hugs, exclaiming: “Pastor Marcelo, Sérgio, Filô, Ana, Bruce - you came back! Where’s Asa? Where’s Aline?” To our delight, we discovered that we were still fondly remembered, and even more important, our team had indeed been used by God to spark new hope and action.

We witnessed the final organizational meeting of a new community association, and encouraged

them in their first development project: a cooperative cassava meal processing business. Our team reminded them that they are no longer “the forgotten ones”, and that all these things are evidence of God’s love and plan for their families and the community. After a closing prayer and lots of farewell hugs, we returned to Montalvânia full of gratitude for the wellspring of hope we saw starting to flow in Batateiras.

Thanks for your gift to the World Mission Offering

Thank you for your generous gifts to the World Mission Offering that make this ministry possible!