Summer Camp

Come Join The Team


The 2016 camp season is approaching fast!  Every year we have to recruit a new team comprised of summer staff and volunteers. The summer staff consists of about 25 folks from the age of 16 years and up.  While the counseling crew has a minimum age of 18, all other crews can be as young as 16.  Our summer staff needs to commit to working from June 19th to August 6th.  The team works together, plays together, worships together and even celebrates Christmas together!

A Great Team

Camp could never function without a good support group of volunteers!  Every year it gets harder and harder to find men and women who will give a week of their time to counsel a group of girls or boys.  It can be tough work, yet when the week is over  a lifetime of memories for campers and counselors alike!  I cannot truly express how gratifying it will be when you know that you have changed a life forever!  Every year I have the privilege to see new Christians born into the Kingdom because someone took the time to be a counselor!  Several years ago I overheard two volunteers speaking to each other as they were in the swimming pool sharing how hard it was to serve the Lord!  Of course they were laughing and having a great time of being volunteers.

Whether you come as summer staff or a weekly volunteer, I assure you that you will make a difference and you will find it very rewarding as you help to change lives.  I believe you will find that the campers are not the only ones whose lives are changing!  So make plans to come be a part of this wonderful ministry and join our team.  I would also ask you to share our needs with your church, your family and your friends.  Help me to recruit the best summer staffing ever.

For more information, send a message by using the form below.

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Week One


Junior 1 Camp 2015 Saw 23 young campers give their hearts to Jesus, many for the very first time!  With a summer theme of Celebrate I think it is truly time to celebrate the work of the Holy Spirit upon these young hearts and lives.  It is a humbling thought that all of the hard work that goes into a summer camping season is just a small part compared new Christians joining the ranks of all who have gone before them.  It is also just a start for the summer of 2015!  If God is willing, many more lives will be changed as we seek to share Jesus Christ with all of the young folks that are shared with us throughout the summer camping season.  Come let us CELEBRATE!

Warm Thoughts


It snowed again last night.  This Winter we have already set records for both snow totals and low temperature.  We have seen freezing rain, black ice and piles and piles of snow!  Tree branches are being ripped off of the trees creating days and days of cleanup...when it gets warmer.  We have faced frozen pipes, frozen drains and a shortage of rock salt.  Our plow truck broke down and my furnace blew up!  Shoveling, then shoveling again.  Plowing with a 1953 Massey Ferguson tractor that simply cannot handle big or heavy snows.  Punxsutawney Phil (the groundhog) should consider himself lucky that I live in New Jersey!  I am so ready for summer! Even with all of the winter weather I have already begun to focus on warmer thoughts!  The Cedars of Lebanon campaign passed $250,000.00 in pledges!  If that doesn't warm you up then you may be locked up in the deep-freeze that has been this winter.  Summer camp really is not that far away.  Now we are getting heated up!  I have begun to look to hire a summer staff to prepare the way for a new crop of campers.  Warmer and warmer.  This past week our first camp registration arrived in the mail.  It is starting to really cook now!  I already am feeling warmer...or could it simply be the heater under my desk?

Now is the time for all of us to think warmer thoughts.  As you think warmer thoughts I hope that Camp Lebanon is a part of those thoughts.  We need your assistance as we seek to fund a future with the Cedars of Lebanon campaign.  We need your help in finding a great staff for the summer of 2014.  We need your attendance as a camper of a volunteer for a week or more for another great summer program.  Above all else we need your prayers for God's guidance and blessing as we seek His will.

Ups and Downs

Camp has started and believe it or not we are already in week three!  Things are moving very quickly this year and as usual I am way behind in my office duties.  So let me take a moment to recap what has been happening. Orientation week went really well.  This year I did not need to hire any International counselors because I had enough Americans apply for staff positions.  I do, however, have one staffer that is originally from Ecuador and one from China.  I also have one staffer that came here from Germany even though he has only lived there for three years, so if you stretch your imagination just a bit...I still have an International staff!

Junior 1 camp was a bit larger than last year's session and Sailing 1 was a little larger too.  That is our ups for this article.  Junior 1 had about 24 young people go forward at the commitment service.  Most of the young people were making first time decisions for Christ while the others were recommitting their lives to Christ.  That number is almost half of the entire camp that went forward at the invitation!

Last week's Junior High camp was smaller than normal.  Junior High camp is always an interesting camp as my friend Rev. Chaz Hutchison stretches everyone with new games and challenges.  Chaz likes to have staff take over vespers as the week goes along and four different staffers lead the vesper worship services.  Even among our staff we are trying to build stronger Christians!  When staff step out in faith to share their faith with the entire camp people take notice and campers tend to listen a little closer.  I am proud of those that dared to step up and lead.

Also, during the Junior High camp I challenged the entire camp with a Bible question, I will be using it later and do not wish to give you the question or answer in this article.  I offered a pizza party to the cabin group that came up with the correct answer.  All week long I had campers coming to me with Bible verses that they thought answered my question correctly, it was great to see so many young people using their Bibles.  Finally, on Friday morning one of the young male campers came to me with the right verse!  Their counselor said that they read three full Gospels until they found the answer I was looking for!  This same cabin group also won the cabin clean up award!  Party time for cabin 12-A.

That brings us to Music Camp week.  Leadership Camp starts this week too as well as Primary Mini-Camp later this week.  I will get another article next week to recap all three of these camps for you.  For now, keep on praying as we need your prayers to help beat the heat of the week!  The weather is brutal so far and will only get hotter as the week goes on.  Chaz and I supplied them with pizza, soda and snacks for a party in the Session Leaders air-conditioned apartment!

Thank you all for your prayers and support.




Last weekend the Camps, Conferences and Retreats Committee of Baptist Camp Lebanon sponsored it's first reunion for past staff and volunteers.  A total of 27 folks came, from as far away as Scotland,  to show their appreciation for Lebanon's ministry.   The weekend retreat was called "Rekonect".    Reconnect is what they did! The weekend was filled with memories, stories, and many photos all being shared from a common love for the summer camping ministry of Camp Lebanon.  On Saturday, a tour of the camp was followed up by a chance to participate in Lebanon's ministry. Some helped clean up the Green Cathedral in preparation for the camping season while others assisted in assembling photo scrap books which preserve some of Camp Lebanon's many pictures.

As participants reflected on the weekend, they almost unanimously declared their highlight was helping with the work projects.  The camp alumni present also overwhelmingly affirmed their desire to hold another camp reunion in 2014.  Those who came hope, with even more preparation, more willing alumni will come "home" to Lebanon and support it's on-going ministry.

So keep on the look-out for information regarding 2014's REKONECT reunion! Let's make it an event to remember?