Randy Van Osten is Ordained

It was not too long ago that First Baptist Church of Pitman called Randy Van Osten to be their new pastor  - July 20, 2016 to be exact. It signaled a new day for the congregation, as clearly it was evident all around that the call between pastor and people was anointed by the Holy Spirit.

Randy receiving his ordination certificate

Randy receiving his ordination certificate

The congregation  - and more importantly, Randy - passed another significant milestone recently. On Sunday, January 22, 2017, Pastor (now Reverend!) Randy Van Osten was ordained by the First Baptist Church of Pitman. 

The ordination of a new pastor is one of the cherished milestones in our shared regional life. It is also a significant milestone in the life of a congregation and in the life of the pastor that it ordains.

A packed sanctuary! 

A packed sanctuary! 

The church sanctuary was filled with members of the church, community clergy, representatives and pastors from the Greater Delaware Valley Association, and ABCNJ regional pastoral staff.

We thank God for calling together the Rev. Randy Van Osten and the First Baptist Church of Pitman, and now offer our prayerful support as a regional family to their new journey. 

An Ordination Celebration


On Sunday, June 14, Pastor Michael J. Klemick official became Rev. Michael J. Klemick. The arrival of his ordination service marked the end of a lengthy process, one which was cheered by all those familiar with the candidate. This included the members of his congregation who broke into several spontaneous rounds of applause any time the service was identified as the end of his journey toward ordination. For the people the First Baptist Church of Browns Mills, Rev. Klemick’s celebration was a shared victory. The feeling of this shared celebration wove it’s way through the entire service, marking it as both sacred and fun. For those gathered, the service was wonderful witness of the love which can form between believers through the power of Christ.

The celebration continued following the service, where the choir from First Baptist Browns Mills took the unusual initiative of leading a teaching time. The message of their well-reasoned lesson was summarized as, “In God’s choir, some just clap their hands.”

To view more image from Rev. Klemick's service, please follow this link.

Congratulations to the REVEREND Essie Diane Holloway!


On Sunday, June 2, 2013 at 5pm the Shiloh Baptist Church of Trenton, New Jersey ordained its newest pastor.  Reverend Dr. E. Diane Holloway has been a lifelong member of Shiloh.  Since eight years of age she has been a lead vocalist in various choirs.  In 2002, the Lord directed her to New Brunswick Theological Seminary for study.  As a part of her study, she completed her supervised ministry experience at the Bethany Baptist Church in Lindenwold, NJ. In 2006, Minister Holloway graduated Cum Laude from New Brunswick Theological Seminary.  She earned her Master of Divinity Degree writing her thesis paper, "African-American Clergy Women, Baptist Ordinations and Senior Pastors: A Stained Glass Ceiling." In 2007 she was licensed as a Minister at Shiloh Baptist Church.  In 2011, she obtained a Doctoral of Divinity Degree with her thesis entitled: "Church Stewardship and Community Transformation: A Case Study of the Shiloh Baptist Church in Managing God's Resources" Currently, Rev. Holloway serves as the Pastoral Assistant to the Reverend Darrell L. Armstrong.  In this capacity, she learned why being a pastor is a "calling!"

Rev. Holloway

According to Holloway:

It requires an inordinate amount of love and sacrifice because the work of the pastor is extremely demanding. The pastor has to have an empathetic view of the church and ministry and be willing to place himself/herself in the position of the 'other' as Jesus often did. The pastor not only preaches and teaches but also Shepherd's the congregation.  He/she serves individuals of various generations within family structures who experience grief resulting from brokenness in their lives.

Senior Regional Pastor of ABCNJ, Rev. Dr. Lee Spitzer and Rev. Erin Phillips, Associate Regional Pastor of Capital Association, ABCNJ welcomed Rev. Dr. Diane Holloway into the family of ordained ministers with the laying on of hands, prayer and a presentation of the Certificate of Ordination.

Celebrating Ministry at Iglesia Bautista Ebenezer in North Bergen


  Three members of ABCNJ's regional family joined with members of Iglesia Bautista Ebenezer in North Bergen to celebrate the effective pastoral ministry of Rev. Carlos A. Goyanes. Dr. Norma Fair-Brown (Moderator of North New Jersey Association), Rev. Ignacio Cartagena (representing ABCNJ Latino Ministries), and Dr, Lee B. Spitzer (ABCNJ Executive Minister and Senior Regional Pastor) presented Rev. Goyanes with his ABCNJ Certificate of Recognition of Ordination.  He was ordained in Cuba in 1991, and has been serving in our region for the past decade.  Also pictured in the photograph is Adela Carrazana, who translated the sermon for Dr. Spitzer.

(Photos by Ricardo A. Huergo)