New Pastor

ABCNJ Welcomes Rev. Scovell

The Rev. Kenneth Scovell The American Baptist Churches of New Jersey are blessed to welcome Rev. Ken Scovell as Pastor of Berean Baptist Church, Bridgeton, New Jersey. On January 20, 2013 Rev. Scovell was installed as Pastor. The church celebrated the installation in grand style with a beautiful worship service followed by a dinner in the church’s social hall.

The service was kicked of with a welcome from The Reverend Erin Phillips, Associate Regional Pastor – ABCNJ, greetings from The Reverend Sue Dolbow, West Association Representative, and a welcome from The Reverend Albert Morgan, Bridgeton Christian Ministers Association. The Reverend James Sheldon gave the message “Stewards of the Mysteries” reading from 1 Corinthians 4:1-5 and he recollected a tapestry that was hanging in the seminary halls of which he and Rev. Scovell attended.

There was much excitement buzzing, as Rev. Scovell’s daughter-in-law went into false labor during the service! With all that family excitement Rev. Scovell had the hands of the clergy laid upon and prayers were offered for his ministry. Rev. Scovell reminded the congregation that Berean Baptist Temple is called such because the “church” really is the people of God and the “temple” is where they come to worship. May God’s Church welcome Rev. Scovell into ministry at Berean Baptist Temple!