NNJBA Picnic and Special Meeting

Summer picnic with NNJBA in Fairlawn I want to join Rev. David Boone in expressing thanks to the NNJBA church delegates and pastors who came together for a wonderful picnic hosted by the association and prepared by the Van Riper-Ellis/Broadway Baptist Church, Fairlawn. This special called meeting and time of fellowship was to vote into the association Iglesia Biblica Bautista, Senior Pastor Rev. Hermes Irizarry Jr. a new congregation.  Rev. Boone shared these words in an email sent today.

"I just wanted to start this beautiful Sunday morning by thanking all of the churches who were able to send representatives to our North New Jersey Baptist Association Special Meeting last Friday.  It was wonderful to be able to fellowship with so many and to be able to vote on bringing a new church into our NNJBA family, our ABC/NJ family and our ABC/USA family.Without your support this vote would not have taken place and it truly was a miracle since we are in the middle of vacation season (even harder to get a quorum).  But together we did it!  As we enlarge our vision here in North Jersey -- God will give us the tools to do a greater work than we ever could imagine. PLEASE SHARE MY THANKS WITH YOUR CHURCH FAMILY!
Keep Looking UP!Pastor David G. Boone Moderator, North New Jersey Baptist Association"
We look forward to many more such "miracles" in the days to come.