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ABCNJ Anti-Semitism Resolution Now in Spanish


Declaración de Solidaridad con la Comunidad Judía (2014)

Considerando que, como cristianos reconocemos y estamos agradecidos por las raíces judías de nuestra fe, específicamente recordando que Jesús mismo fue un judío, y

Considerando que las Iglesias Bautistas Americanas USA en sus convenciones nacionales han aprobado varias resoluciones condenando el anti-semitismo (1934, 1939, 1944, 1962), una postura que fue reafirmada por el Comité Ejecutivo de la Junta General en 1983 y 1997, y

Considerando que muchas de nuestras Regiones aprobaron resoluciones y declaraciones similares durante la era del Holocausto, incluyendo las Iglesias Bautistas Americanas de New Jersey en 1946, y

Considerando que las Iglesias Bautistas Americanas USA realizaron su más reciente convención bienal en Overland Park, Kansas, en 2013, y que volverán a reunirse allí para su próxima bienal en 2015,

Por lo tanto, nos solidarizamos con la comunidad judía de Overland Park, Kansas, y lloramos con las familias que perdieron a sus seres queridos en el ataque del “domingo negro” al Centro de la Comunidad Judía de Greater Kansas City en Overland Park y a la Comunidad Shalom Retirement Village en Leawood, el 13 de abril de 2014, justo antes de comenzar la Semana de Pascua.  

Además, reiteramos nuestra oposición a toda forma de antisemitismo y prejuicio, en los Estados Unidos de América y en el mundo,  y exhortamos a nuestras iglesias que hagan todo lo posible para expresar amor y amistad a la gente de cada nación, religión y la raza.

Aprobado por el Comité Ejecutivo de las Iglesias Bautistas Americanas de New Jersey, el 14 de abril de 2014.  Preparado por el Rev. Dr. Lee B. Spitzer, ABCNJ Ministro Ejecutivo, y Pastor Regional


A Statement on Black Sunday - Solidarity with the Jewish People


On April 13 (Sunday), an avowed anti-Semitic person attacked people at two Jewish sites in Overland Park, Kansas.  Three people, all Christian, were killed.  Although it does not receive as much media coverage as it should, anti-Jewish incidents are rising world-wide. In response, ABCNJ's Executive Minister, Rev. Dr. Lee B. Spitzer, has composed the following statement, which was approved for distribution by the ABCNJ Council Executive Committee on Monday evening, April 14, 2014.  Please share it with your churches through your newsletters, email lists, and church services this Passover-Easter week.

A Statement of Solidarity with the Jewish Community (2014)

Whereas, as Christians we recognize and are grateful for the Jewish roots of our faith, noting especially that Jesus himself was a Jew, and

Whereas, the American Baptist Churches USA has passed multiple resolutions condemning anti-Semitism at its national conventions (1934, 1939, 1944, 1962), a stance that was reaffirmed by the General Board Executive Committee in 1983 and 1997, and

Whereas, many of our regions passed similar resolutions and statements during the Holocaust era, including the American Baptist Churches of New Jersey in 1946, and

Whereas, the American Baptist Churches USA held its most recent biennial convention in Overland Park in 2013 and will return for its next biennial in 2015,

Therefore, we stand in solidarity with the Jewish community of Overland Park, Kansas and grieve with the families that lost loved ones in the Black Sunday attack at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City in Overland Park and at the Village Shalom Retirement Community in Leawood, on April 13, 2014, just before the start of Passover.

Furthermore, we reiterate our opposition to all forms of anti-Semitism and prejudice, in the United States and globally, and encourage our churches to do everything possible to express love and friendship to people of every nation, religion and race.

 Approved by the Executive Committee of the American Baptist Churches of New Jersey on April 14, 2014

Prepared by Rev. Dr. Lee B. Spitzer, ABCNJ Executive Minister and Senior Regional Pastor

Endless Possibilities a Blessing in Brazil!

How can you put the puzzle pieces of your life together so that they make sense and reveal how God has been active in your life? How can you discover God’s will for your next journey? Why is it so hard to be patient while waiting for “the next thing?” What role do my friends play in my journey? How can I pray for others and myself according to my journey themes? IMG_9213

We addressed these and many other questions during the module we recently taught at the National Baptist Convention’s cross-cultural missionary training center here in Brazil. Rev. Dr. Lee Spitzer's book on the Spiritual Journey Paradigm (SJP), Endless Possibilities, provided the core content for discussion and reflection.

And our students loved it!

Danielly spoke for the whole class when she said: “Your material was so helpful for our whole team [of missionaries in training]. Now we can better understand our spiritual journeys. Thank you so much!”

The students are especially grateful for Pr. Lee’s generous contribution of study materials for the class.

ABCNJ is playing an important role in equipping a whole new generation of Brazilian missionaries that are serving literally around the world!