Dr. Lee Spitzer Lifts Up Friendship at the National Day of Prayer Breakfast

First Baptist Church in Haddonfield was one of many churches throughout our state that hosted or participated in the National Day of Prayer Breakfast movement. The Haddonfield Council of Churches sponsored this event, which was moderated by FBC's Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Michael Feicht. The Haddonfield breakfast sold out, with over 100 attendees.

The breakfast featured presentations from the Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities. Representing the Christian churches, Dr. Spitzer lifted up the role that friendship can play in promoting a more civil and healthy society. Quoting from his book, Making Friends, making Disciples (Judson Press, 2010), he said: "How do we practice inter-faith friendships where convictions and acceptance co-exist? The following principles could help create an environment where convictions can be honestly shared and friendships maintained even when differences persist:

  1. All people groups and individuals have the right to freely choose and practice their religion without governmental or cultural persecution/sanction, and to convert to another faith if they so wish.
  2. People of faith have the right to share their religious, philosophical and political convictions through peaceful means, and to engage in serious dialogue with people from other religions as we search for truth about God and mutual understanding. Friends can disagree with one another and still love and respect each other.
  3. It is never permissible, moral or ethical to employ manipulation, violence, harmful threats or coercion in promoting one’s religion.
  4. When disagreements surface, we agree to maintain respect towards members of other religions and beliefs.
  5. When common concerns are identified, people of different religions can work together on those issues without denying their differences in other areas."



Speakers for the Breakfast.

Speakers for the Breakfast.