Continuing Education

Fanning the Flame Pastor's Conference


Time Is Running Short

April is just around the corner!  We think of Spring - yeah!  Let's also think of Fanning the Flame!!!  We're now down to two weeks before the conference starts on Monday April 15th.  So you better and hurry and register for the conference.

Faith Soaring Churches will be the only churches alive in 15 years!

George BullardOur featured speaker is Dr. George Bullard.  He will be leading us through his new book, Faith Soaring Churches, which each participant at the conference will receive.  We will have opportunities for working through a variety of exercises from the book with him.  We will also have times of sharing, questions and reflection.  So come and spend Monday evening April 15th - Wednesday noon April 17th with colleagues from ABCNJ & ABCOPAD at First Baptist Church Bethlehem, PA.