FOR ABCNJ Clergy - Sermon on the Mount Bible Study

2012 Together in Ministry Groups for Pastors

3 Weeks of Theological Discussion – 9 Innings of Fellowship

ABCNJ Pastors – join the region’s regional ministry team (Lee, Elmo and Vern) and guest presenters for a freewheeling and penetrating study of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7)!   We are forming two Together in Ministry groups (limit: 12 pastors per group).  The discussion dates are all on Mondays – April 23, May 7 and May 14.  You can sign up for either the luncheon discussion group that will meet at the region office (11:00 am – 2:00 pm) OR the dinner discussion group that will meet at Dr. Spitzer’s home (5:30 pm – 8:30 pm).  All meal costs are covered by the TIM grant.  Both groups will study the same chapter each week.  A special facilitator will kick off each week’s discussion:
  • Rev. Wesley Allen will “sermon paint” Matthew 5 for us on April 23!
  • Rev. Dr. Stanley Slade (IM Global Consultant – Bible Study) will be with us for Matthew 6 on May 7!
  • Rev. Dr. Donald Brash (Palmer Seminary Associate Professor of Historical Theology) will join us on May 14 and help us discuss Matthew 7!
ABCNJ Academy Credit will be granted to those who participate in all 3 sessions.
In addition to study and growth, TIM Groups also cultivate collegiality and fellowship.  So, as we study the Sermon on the Mount, participating clergy will also be invited to see some great Pitching on the Mound – at Yankee Stadium on Monday evening, April 30!  Tickets are free (courtesy of our TIM grant) but everyone is responsible for their personal travel and food.  We will car pool to and from the Bronx to cut down on costs.
Registration is limited to 24 pastors who commit to attending all 3 weeks of theological conversation.   To register, please email Dr. Lee Spitzer at and indicate whether you wish to join the lunch or dinner group.  In your email, please confirm that you can attend all 3 sessions for your time slot.  Once a group has reached its limit of 12, registration for it will close – so don’t delay!