Associate Regional Pastor

ABCNJ Searching for a New Associate Regional Pastor


ABCNJ is seeking applications for a new full-time Associate Regional Pastor, whose responsibilities will include serving the Greater Delaware Valley, West New Jersey and North Shore Associations (southern New Jersey). The ABCNJ Ministry team serves the region’s 285 churches and over 300 clergy in a pastoral way, through preaching, teaching and consulting. We journey with our churches and pastors, encouraging them to be healthy and faithful representatives of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.

Priority Areas of Ministry:

  1. Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through preaching, teaching and consulting.
  2. Working with congregations to facilitate their growth in spiritual health and mission faithfulness.
  3. Working with clergy to encourage their health and faithfulness as spiritual leaders.
  4. Providing guidance and wisdom to churches and pastors during times of challenge and celebration.
  5. Cultivating and nurturing associational covenantal relationships throughout the region.
  6. Encouraging participation and financial generosity in support of ABCNJ/ABCUSA missions.
  7. Serving as primary contact for the Greater Delaware Valley, West and North Shore Associations in southern New Jersey.
  8. Other duties as assigned by the Executive Minister.

Essential Personal Qualities:

We are looking for a person who is a dedicated disciple of Jesus Christ, spiritually alive and emotionally mature. She/he should be a life-long learner, a good listener and possess a servant’s heart. An Associate Regional Pastor is expected to model personal and spiritual integrity, be a good steward of financial resources, have the ability to deal with conflict situations in a positive and redemptive way, and demonstrate cross-cultural experience and sensitivity. We are looking for a person with a strong commitment to Biblical Christianity and ABCNJ/ABCUSA missions.

Key Ministerial Qualifications and Experience:

Candidates should be ordained American Baptists, possessing at least a Master of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary (including at least 1 unit of Clinical Pastoral Education). She/he should have at least 7-10 years of full-time paid ministerial experience, an ability to articulate a strong sense of Christian and pastoral identity, and excellent leadership, organizational, writing, communication, technology (word processing, database, social media) and time-management skills. She/he must be a team player with a collaborative work style, and be willing to travel across the region. ABCNJ’s Associate Regional Pastors report to the Executive Minister/Senior Regional Pastor and are responsible for keeping him apprised of the condition of churches and pastors under their care. This is not an entry-level position. ABCNJ is committed to creating a ministry team that represents the cultural and racial diversity of its churches.

How to Apply:

The search process will continue until a suitable candidate is called to this position. Letters of interest (including ministry resumes and references) should be sent to Rev. Dr. Lee B. Spitzer, Executive Minister and Senior Regional Pastor, American Baptist Churches of New Jersey, 3752 Nottingham Way, Suite 101, Trenton, NJ 08505. E-mail submissions are encouraged; please e-mail Dr. Spitzer at: