Asian Minstries

Jay Park Ordination Service


We celebrated the ordination of Rev. Jay Park on Sunday June 12, 2016, 6 PM at Stelton Baptist Church in Edison, N.J.  The Power of the Holy Spirit Ordination Service was a witness to God and the Holy Spirit of the calling of Jay Park to be a servant of the Lord and share the Word. ABCNJ Regional Staff, ABCNJ Asian Pastors, Raritan Council of Churches, Stelton Baptist Church, and friends and family ofOrdination Service Rev. Jay Park were in attendance to celebrate this calling.

May God bless our brother, Rev. Jay Park and his family as they enter into this next phase of his life.



2014 ABCNJ Asian Pastors and Lay leaders Retreat


We had a very inspirational Asian Pastors and lay leaders retreat at Evergreen Baptist Church in Teaneck, NJ, Saturday, May 17, 2014. Our theme was "I will build my church." Matthew 16:13-20 Rev. Joshua Pyon, Senior Pastor of Evergreen Baptist Church and his congregation hosted the gathering and prepared wonderful refreshments and a delicious Korean style meal following the service. We had a very diverse ethnic group in attendance. Children and young adults were also in attendance.

We had a Praise Worship service together and Mission sharing from India, and Myanmar. There was a challenging interaction session about new Asian churches with New Church Development Committee Representatives.

Our guest speaker was Rev.Dr. Lee Spitzer, Executive Minister and Senior Regional Pastor of ABCNJ, used Scripture and other illustrations to meditate on the question, "How can I build my church?"

We prayed together and in groups as well as individually, for family and ministry concerns as well as encompassing all areas of our life, church and countries.

We thank God that our Asian churches, Pastors, lay leaders are able to work together to the glory of God to build, and expand our churches.

Dedication Service of Overflowing Joy Church


On May 5, 2013, Sunday, 4 PM, There was a dedication service for one of our ABCNJ NCD, Overflowing Joy Church, in Paramus, NJ. It was held at the local VFW building, which has been granted for their use on Sundays. This church is pastored by Pastor Dong Soo Lim. We had a blessed worship with Rev. Dr. Lee Spitzer, Senior Pastor and Executive Minister of ABCNJ, speaking and giving words of encouragement to the new church and congregation. Rev. Sung Gyun An, pastor of Lord's Baptist Church, Fairlawn, NJ, gave the dedication prayer. Rev. Joshua Pyon, pastor of Evergreen Baptist Church, Teaneck, NJ, sponsoring church and congregation participated and encouraged this new church. Rev. Pyon gave the benediction.

I, Rev. Hojin Yu, Associate Regional Pastor of Asian Ministries, presented the introduction and  background of Pastor Lim and origin of the church. I also shared an appropriate scripture and short message of encouragement. We had a wonderful fellowship and meal following the service.

Pastor Lim has a wife (Taeseon Kim) and two daughters (Haeun Lim, Hajeong Lim) and one son (Hajin Lim) and has been a member of Evergreen Baptist Church for 5 years before getting the call to start the Overflowing Joy Church with the blessing of Pastor Pyon. The church has about 6 adults and 9 young adults.

May God use this new church to spread the gospel to the younger generation in that area.

The Opening Worship Service


I attended as a representative of ABCNJ  Associate Regional Pastor for Asian Ministries. The opening worship service of the Chin Community Baptist Church, Philadelphia on April 28, 2013. Sunday, 1:30 PM. I received an invitation from them for sharing and benediction. One of our First Asian Baptist Church lay leader from Haddonfield NJ, Rev. James Lian Ve, a Falam chin Pastor, will be preaching there every Sunday-not as the regular pastor but sort of interim. They are using the facilities of the American Snyder Ave Congregational Church in South Philadelphia with a service from 1:30-2:30. There are 5 different Burmese  churches and including First Asian Baptist Congregation attended to celebrate with them on their opening service. Rev. Florence Li, ABHMS Asian Churches Strategist and Burma Refugees Task Force, participated by giving encouragement words. May God use that church to spread and witness for Christ.