Images From 2012 ABCNJ Annual Session


If you were present at the 42nd Annual Session of ABCNJ held on September 28-29, 2012, you would have seen me (at times unglamorously!) clambering all over the place with a camera. Yes, one of my duties at the Annual Session was to be the "official" photographer! I regret not being more sociable, but my attention had to be focused on catching the significant moments in what has become a spiritually powerful, moving, inspiring and joyful Annual Session. And now we have a photographic record of it! I invite you to click on the link below, and it will lead you to my FLICKR account and to a set with the 209 photos that I took in the course of the two days. I hope that they will bring good memories for those who were there, and give a sense of what took place for those who were not able to attend. I'm giving permission for you to download a copy of any photo that interests you. I just would like to request that you give me attribution should you use the photo elsewhere. Feel free to leave a comment on a photo or photos that touch you in a special way. I would be happy to hear from you!


2012 Annual Session Photos

A view from the back of the room


From my vantage point in the back of the room I gain a unique perspective on the events of Annual Session, some of which I occasionally share with the group by way of the projection screens.  The process of putting Annual Session together is arduous, and most of those involved it it have little time to reflect and be amazed at what God did with our labor.  We're simply too busy making sure the event is unfolding at planned, or at least being side-tracked in a beneficial way.

This year, however, I was offered a moment where I became aware of just how amazing Annual Session really is.  I looked up from my screens, took a sip of my ever-present coffee, and saw a room completely maxed out to capacity.  I saw people in rapt attention to the proceedings.  I saw people chatting with friends and colleagues.  I saw people taking pictures of the people at their tables.  On the web I followed comments on Facebook and Twitter which highlighted the power of our time.  It was, truly, wall to wall Baptists - celebrating our shared mission.

Annual Session has become the event for ABCNJ.  It is a privilege to help put it together, and a joy to see how important it's become for the life of our region.

Annual Session Preview: IM Missionary Lauran Bethell on Anti-Sex Trade Ministry


ABCNJ is excited to announce that one of our plenary speakers for the 2012 ABCNJ Annual Session is ABCUSA International Ministries missionary Lauran Bethell.  Rev. Bethell has spearheaded our denomination's efforts to confront the world-wide sex trade and trafficking industry and to rescue women and girls from prostitution. To whet your appetite for her appearance, here is a 9 minute video interview she did for an organization in Holland: