Get “in the field” and receive a scholarship!


@Live Field Reporter 2 Is your smartphone a constant companion? Have you ever watched a reporter sharing the news and wondered, “Could I do that?” If so, ABCNJ invites you to join The ABCNJ @Live field reporters! Current college students, and graduating high school seniors, selected to take part in this ministry will receive training, free registration to Annual Session, and a $500 scholarship toward college expenses.

Field reporters will come to Annual Session and be assigned to cover one aspect of our gathering by taking video, conducting interviews, and producing a news report highlighting the day. These videos will then be shared through ABCNJ’s @Live video ministry! Possible aspects for stories will include the Friday Night Bonfire, ABCNJ Academy’s Interfaith Dialog, Saturday Baptisms, and a sit-down interview with one of the keynote speakers.

To qualify for the scholarship, students must complete the emerging scholars grant application and check the “Video Scholarship” box. Applicants may apply for both the video scholarship and ABCNJ’s other scholarship offerings. Applicants must agree to attend ABCNJ’s Annual Session on either Friday September 23 or Saturday September 24 of this year. Each recipient will provide their own equipment to capture footage — smart phones, DSLR’s, tablets, or another camera are all acceptable sources.

Training will be provided both in-house and online over the Summer of 2016 and will cover the basics of interviewing, best video practices, and tips on recording voice overs for the report.

A limit of ten Video Scholarships will be awarded in 2016. Awards will be mailed to a reporter’s educational institution following the completion of the video project. Students who are continuing recipients of an ABCNJ scholarship may apply for the Video Scholarship by emailing “I’d like to be considered as a field reporter” to emoore@abcnj.net with the subject heading, “ABCNJ Video Scholarship.” 2016-2017 Emerging Scholars Application

[lead]To download the 2016-2017 Emerging Scholars application, click or tap the image to the left.[/lead]

ABCNJ @Live s01 e03 - "Fast Tracks"


Rev. Vernl Mattson and Rev. Dr. Peter Ely sat down in the ABCNJ @Live studio and discussed the missions and Christian education tracks being offered at COAL 2015. We'll have great people, terrific teaching, good food, and a whole lot of fun. Register today and make sure your church won't miss out! [raw] [column size="1/4"] [button color="default" link="/coal-2015" size="default" target="_self" block="false"]More Information[/button]
[button color="darkblue" link="http://coal2015.eventbrite.com/" size="default" target="self" block="false"]Register Now[/button] [/column] [column size="3/4" last] http://youtu.be/CrrroyF-YCk&w=400&h=225 [/column] [/raw]

ABCNJ @Live – Rev. David Reed


For our first ABCNJ @Live studio interview Rev. David Reed stopped by our nearly completed studio for a chat about his family's past call, their current project, and their local connections to ABCNJ. Please enjoy our first foray into the world of internet television!

Video Notes

  1. Yes, the set isn't finished. We're still acquiring nicknacks and are preparing the backdrop and blackout curtains.

  2. We're still working on the best camera angles. Sorry David is a little low in his shot.

  3. We're working out how to flag the active camera, a problem you can notice to comical effect as the interview progresses.

  4. Aside from adding an intro and close, this is completely unedited. We'll be practicing editing our interviews done to under 5 minutes as we move forward.