Rev. Dr. Leonard Smalls COAL Workshop Leader


3.     Burning the Church Debt Rev. Dr. Leonard Smalls - Senior Pastor (Retired), Imani Baptist Church of Christ of East Orange

The “BURNING THE MORTGAGE DEBT” is an engaging workshop that lays out the specific steps of a time-tested, guaranteed, Bible based strategy for eliminating the financial burdens that all too often prevents a church from thriving spiritually and physically. Pearls of wisdom will be offered to leaders as they balance their Christian stewardship and the church’s financial needs.

The debt load in many of our churches may be overwhelming today or the need for ministry funding a continued challenge affected by church debts and shifts in investment income.  Dr. Smalls has a proven record of dealing with church financial matters and retaining a healthy ministry.  Under his leadership at Imani Baptist Church they were able to liquidate a $1.4 million debt in ten years and burned the mortgage in 2011.

Rev. Dr. Leonard Smalls

Rev. Leonard L. Smalls has dedicated his life to pastoral ministry serving in the Greater Philadelphia Region and most recently in East Orange, New Jersey as Senior Pastor of Imani Baptist Church in Christ, Inc. until his retirement in December 2011. Rev. Smalls’ ministry has been anchored in the Word of God; saving souls by preaching and teaching for over 50 years with a very practical focus of ensuring that God’s people have knowledge of basic economic principles which are empowering and enriching. His approach is always inclusive having served in both suburban and urban churches – his belief is that all God’s people have similar needs and ambitions. He also shared his leadership with the inmates at Graterford; Pennsylvania’s largest maximum security prison as Protestant Chaplain by introducing the inmates to Jesus Christ and working to reduce recidivism by encouraging men to stay out once released by re-connecting them back to their communities and families through role models, counseling and education.

Sharing in Rev. Smalls’ vision is his wife and co-laborer, Evelyn Smalls who serves as president and Chief Executive Officer of United Bank of Philadelphia which serves primarily the Greater Philadelphia Region with a mission of bringing persons into the financial mainstream through affordable products and services. The Bank has a strong relationship with the faith community that is evidenced by a commercial loan portfolio with 40% of its loans to churches. Mrs. Smalls assumed this leadership role in June 2000.

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