Philippines Typhoon Relief - Update


Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches General Secretary Submits Report to ABCNJ

To our Sisters and Brothers in ABCNJ,

I am sending you the recent development updates of reconstruction project supported by ABCNJ and the summary of our financial releases of the $41, 000 you have extended to us. The following documents are attached to this email:

A.      Update Reconstruction Project B.      Summary of Financial Releases C.      Photos

The love and concern of our brothers and sisters of ABCNJ that were manifested in many ways has given us hope, particularly your monetary assistance to help reconstruct various structures. We are more challenged to continue doing our ministry doing ministry to the lost.

Recently,we were able to visit some areas and documented the progress of the on-going reconstruction projects.

However,in our observation and assessment, many of our recipients of both ABCNJ and IM assistance have not reached the accomplishment of the projects because of lack of funds. We tried to figure out factors that caused it. Certain factors that were obviously seen are: a. price of commodities has significantly gone high which adversely affected and increased the prices of construction materials; b. the cost of labor also escalated remarkably, imagine a 35 % labor cost from the total relief budget is considerable amount from the budget, and even if the members of the churches are extending significant contribution to the project particularly their labor cost, the budget is not enough to address the full extent of the damage; c. the scarcity of skilled workers and laborers, aside from the fact they also need help to fix their homes, they were busy looking for means immediately to provide the needs of their family.

These factors cannot be controlled because the system of economy and that we have to live with it and be wise.

The impact to the Community of the kind gestures extended by ABCNJ, have drawn a positive impressions in the lives of many in the community.  It convinced people that our Christian witness is not only being expressed in words/utterances but it is manifested in life and practice. The recovery of our damaged structures were realized because of the tangible assistance rendered to us. It actually conveys the message of love, hope and generosity. An example of life that is ready to share not only as a good neighbor but as a responsible keeper of a brother. We have clearly declared our claim as children of a loving and a caring God.

Presently, the recipients are planning to initiate a local fund campaign and even to friends and relatives abroad that will help them address the remaining needs of the ongoing construction. The unstable prices of the construction materials are one of the major factors that disturb their budget. Hence, such attempt to raise funds in the locality is proposed.

We are happy to report that our people are so grateful for the unfailing support of ABCNJ and IM ABCUSA.

Again,thank you so much for your commitment to journey with us.

May God grant you more blessings in life and service for His glory and honor.

Love in Christ,

Rev.Judson F. Herbilla, Sr. General Secretary Convention of the Philippine Baptist Churches, Inc.Fajardo Street, Jaro, Iloilo City Philippines 5000 Telephone Number: +63 033 329 0621 Telefax: +63033 329 0618

Together with this narrative report, the general secretary also sent the following summary of progress in each of the recipients of ABCNJ designated disaster relief funds:

  1. Ajuy Christian Academy - on the library and staff quarter, the amount for the reconstruction is released already. However, the program of work is a little bit delayed because of the shortage of carpenters and construction workers that are available in the area for obvious reasons. But as per our person’s in-charged, the work will commence soon.

  2. Pontevedra Christian Academy - On the reconstruction of the old school wing, the materials were purchased already and building construction is ongoing with 20% accomplishment already.

  3. Filamer Christian Academy - On the full rehabilitation and repair of FCU Cyber Library - almost Complete

  4. Community Baptist Church, Bingawan, Iloilo Province - The construction materials were already purchased work for the foundation of the building is done

  5. Glad tidings Church, Bingawan ,Iloilo Province - Materials were purchased already, just setting up the schedule for workers’ availability in the area.

  6. Batad Viejo Evangelical Church, Batad , Iloilo province - The amount designated on these two (Batad Viejo Evangelical Church & S. Barrido Memorial Church) churches is not facilitated yet because of some important problem to settle on the church lot. But they are processing their church lot donation papers as per request of the office

  7. Sublangon Baptist church - Construction almost complete repair of school and stage

  8. Estancia Evangelical Church - Materials already purchased and the work for the full restoration of the parsonage is ongoing.

Rev. Herbilla also sent photos of the work progress in the various sites where ABCNJ disaster relief funds were designated. To see the photos click on this link.