Macedonia keeps calling

At a recent gathering, a pastor invited us to do a servant leadership training workshop for his region.  “Consider this a Macedonian call: come and help us,” he concluded with a smile.  We have been to several “Macedonias” in the last couple of months.

“A Huge Difference”

The “Fantastic Four” - Anna, Samuel, Daniel  and Asa - served with great enthusiasm on our teaching team

English is a crazy language!  Our students at the JAMI cross cultural missionary training center puzzled over the extra “do” in “What do you do?” for example.  One missionary colleague serving in Senegal remarked, “This class made a huge difference in my language skills.  Now I’ll be able to work with teams that come from different parts of the world to work with us in the rural areas.”  Other students are heading for Mozambique, East Timor, Morocco, and Guinea Bissau. A Blessing At a national gathering of Convention churches, a senior pastor from Rio de Janeiro made a special point of telling us, “Thank you for leaving your country and coming to work with us here in Brazil.  You are a real blessing to us.”  What a gift of encouragement to continue our work in Servant Leadership training and Holistic Mission mobilization with the National Baptist Convention!

New Frontiers

Students in the Social Entrepreneurship course come from different ethnic groups and, and a wide variety of organizations.

We are writing this ministry update from Myanmar in Asia, where we are teaching several courses in Social Entrepreneurship, Servant Leadership, Spiritual Journeys, and Cross Cultural Team Building and Conflict Management.  Hope abounds as citizens experience more freedom and the country opens up to the world.  Back to Brazil in September.

Thanks for being on the journey with us!