Jump for Joy!


What an amazing experience: over 1,000 jovens (youth and young adults) came together from all over Brazil for a weekend of praise, prayer, reflection and fellowship in November. This was the 17th annual Jovens conference sponsored by the Convenção Batista Nacional (National Baptist Convention of Brazil).  We were there as Coordinators of the department that supports the national youth, women’s and men’s programs. Two extraordinary young women from ABC New Jersey joined us for the conference and stayed afterward to experience more of Brazilian culture - especially churrasco! Only a few hours after stepping off the plane, they jumped in to help our team prepare for the arrival of cars and buses chock full of young people from all over Brazil.

Annie and Mari, from ABC New Jersey were excellent ambassadors of the world wide body of Christ.

The conference itself was a grand success - people made new friends, prayed for one another, and stayed up singing under the warm summer night sky. Many expressed renewed commitment to walk closer with the Lord and to work together with their local church to reach out to their community, including Annie (Annairis) and Mari (Maria Isabel).

Seeing so many young worshipers and people who are hungry for the Lord made me wish that same desire for the youth in my church. I feel like the candle that was lit within me ... has been transformed into a blazing fire.

– Annie

Imagine an auditorium jam packed with over 1,000 young people jumping for joy in the Lord!

... no matter where we come from and how we choose to serve and praise our Lord we are all one big family in the eyes of our Father.

– Mari

Praise God for these young leaders of today and tomorrow.

Louvando a Deus com vocês (praising God with you).

We led a servant leadership training workshop for state youth and young adult leaders