In Time For Christmas


mailingThis past Friday evening ten folks gathered around the newly delivered 2017 summer camp brochures.  With a prayer of blessing for the names on the brochures (and some food) the ten brave souls dove into tabbing and labeling the brochures for a mass mailing!  Each brochure required three tabs and a label  After four hours of mind numbing work we decided to call it an evening.  However, we were able to accomplish about 85% of the work required.  This morning, Monday, December 5, 2016 the finishing touches were completed to almost 7, 000 brochures that will be delivered to the Flemington, NJ post office tomorrow!  Even though this is a bulk mailing most everyone will receive their 2017 brochure before Christmas...hopefully this year's Christmas!  My thanks to each and every person that put time in to make this mailing a reality.