"Ignite" takes off with 2 ABCNJ Young Adults

Haiti and American Baptists have a long history of partnership and service together.  And yet, due to internal conflicts in Haiti, the western half of Hispaniola has never been host to an Xtreme Team or Ignite team, until now.  After a year hiatus, the American Baptist International Ministries young adult program is back under the name IGNITE and is headed to Haiti.  A group of four young adults and one team leader will be serving, learning, and living mission and outreach in Haiti this summer. The orientation training, trip and debriefing of this first IGNITE experience will run from June 23 through July 28th. Upon completion, the team will share their stories at the Immerse Youth Event in Washington, DC from July 24-28th. IGNITE enables young adults to spark a connection, kindle spiritual and personal growth, and blaze with passion for Jesus Christ.  The month long adventure of cross-cultural mission service will push them out of their comfort zones into an extraordinary faith walk with God. During their travels, team members deepen their relationship with God while seeking a deeper understanding of how people of other faiths view God, Jesus, and followers of Jesus.  The IGNITE team will be blogging regularly on their website.   http://www.internationalministries.org/teams/Ignite_2012

“In Haiti the IGNITE Team will meet believers who have suffered great trauma from chronic poverty and the devastating 2010 earthquake yet have a vibrant witness to God’s blessing and peace,” says Reid Trulson, Executive Director, International Ministries. “This month-long experience with Haitian brothers and sisters may ignite profound changes in the Team members’ understanding of God’s presence, Jesus’ love and the Spirit’s power. We should not be surprised if it helps clarify their call and their unique participation in the mission of God in the world.”

Members of the 2012 Haiti team are: Tyrone Choate, Jr                    Red Bank, NJ

Catey Hobza                               Douglas, WY

Nathan Kang                             Monmouth Junction, NJ

Sarah Nunez                               Dearborn Heights, MI

Leaders are:

Ketly Pierre                                        Nicaragua

Dan Buttry                                           Hamtramack, MI, USA support

Deliris Carrion                                   Haiti

Nancy and Steve James                   Haiti

Monel Jules                                        Haiti

Team members regularly post journals and photos to highlight their Xperiences throughout the trip. Visit http://www.internationalministries.org/teams/Ignite_2012  to follow the adventures of this year’s team. Join the network to get regular updates by email.  We encourage you to be a part of their support team and spread the news of the IGNITE experience and post their journals to your own social media page.

Please keep these young adults and their mentors and leaders in your prayers!

The IGNITE team is open to young adults ages 19 - 29.  More information is available on the IGNITE team website www.ignitemissiononline.org.