Home at last in Aotearoa! Jan 2016


Do you remember the last time you moved to a new home or went on a long trip? Imagine our delight to have finally “landed” after sleeping in 46 different beds since we left our beloved Brazil 6 months ago. It is so satisfying to put those suitcases in the closet and call Aotearoa (New Zealand) home! Burmese language classes are next on the list, even as Bruce dives in to doctoral research on “faith-based social entrepreneurship.”

We are also adjusting to “Kiwi culture & customs”. Here’s a few basic phrases in Kiwi English. See if you can interpret them - we’ll give you a translation in our next update.

  • It’s so good to have our Internet access sorted. 
  • That presentation was sweet as - good on ya, mate!
  • We miss you heaps.

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Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Brazil are experiencing soaring inflation that makes it extremely difficult to maintain support for cross cultural missionaries serving in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

Praise God with us! We are settling in to our “house of grace” (grace - unmerited favour of God …and the bestowal of blessings).

Thank you for your prayers and your financial gifts - we are overwhelmed by your generosity and faithfulness.