Globetrotting – An ABCNJ Ministry reaches the Philippines


Some of the ladies who took part in the round-table ministry conversationDenise Gratzel (second from the left), ABCNJ's Disaster Relief Coordinator, was part of a team representing ABCNJ in the Philippines this week. The group travelled in order to take part in a ministry round-table which shared wisdom between several ABCUSA regions and ministry organizations, and the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches. ABCNJ was a significant partner in the event. Denise, in particular, travelled across the globe to share some of her insights on disaster preparedness alongside her good friend, Victoria Goff of ABHMS. These two servant-leaders have become inseparable partners through their work with Hurricane Sandy relief and they were excited for the opportunity to share. Still, trekking halfway across the world was a step of faith for Denise.

Leaving what is behind and focusing on what is ahead. I am never disappointed on the timing of the Holy Spirit. He continues to show up in me in ways which make me not even recognize myself. "Not my will, but thine" is what I wake up and say in the morning.

Denise was also thankful for all the support and encouragement she's received from her ABCNJ family.

As we close our round table time with my new friends in the Philippines I want to thank you for your prayers for the Team. Please continue to pray for us as we look forward to the week that lies ahead.

And how did she feel her presentation went?

I feel it went well. I liked the question and answer time even more [than the actual presentation]. They are very interested in the amount of preparation and preparedness we do. Even [Rev. Dr. Samuel Chetti], who is from California, was impressed and wants to talk more about preparedness in Disaster because of the earthquakes there.

What a wonderful testimony. ABCNJ went half way around the globe to share wisdom, and that leap of faith has created a resonance which has raced all the way back to our own country. God is good.

Look for more updates on this important event in the days ahead!