Fresh Expressions - 2014 Learning Cohort


Loving people who can't be reached by "Church as usual"
ABCNJ is seeking 12-20 lay people and pastors who dream of reaching their communities for Christ.  Nominee names, addresses, and email should be sent to
 Dr. Lee B. Spitzer using the form below no later than December 15, 2013.  This opportunity is only for members of ABCNJ congregations which are in covenant with the region.

About the Cohort

The Opportunity

Be part of a year-long learning community which will challenge you to explore your passion.

The Call

We are seeking risk-taking Christ-followers with a passion to connect with an unreached  group or community.

The Goal

Develop a vision and strategy for reaching an unreached group of people for Christ.

About the commitment

The Cost

$1000 total, ½ the cost will be covered by an ABCNJ scholarship.  The cost is broken up as follows:

  • $750 registration
  • Approximately $250 for transportation and retreat lodging

The Retreats

  • January 17 – 18, 2014
  • November 21 – 22, 2014

The Saturdays

  • February 22
  • April 12
  • June 21
  • August 23
  • October 18

Submit a Nominee

Note: You may nominate yourself

To submit a nominee, please send the following information to

  • Nominee name
  • Nominee eMail
  • Nominee address
  • Reasons why you feel the nominee would make a good addition to the 2014 learning cohort