First-Park Baptist Church Hosts New Covenant Christian Academy

New Covenant Christian Academy-A 21st Century Christian School

By Stephanie DeGeneste, M.Ed., Executive Director & Co-founder

New Covenant AcademyAre Christian day schools an important option in the 21st century when so many other educational alternatives abound?  Of course they are! In fact, they are vitally more important now when so many people are drifting away from churches in record numbers.  Not only do Christian day schools provide sound academics, producing students who are working at or above grade level, when many public and charter school options serve up failing results to record numbers of students; most importantly, they teach character development guided by the Master Teacher himself.  When a student has the privilege to attend a Christian day school s/he and the family investing in the child’s academic, spiritual, and social future are blessed immeasurably.  Everyone at New Covenant Christian Academy can attest to what has previously been stated as we work tirelessly with students and their families.

New Covenant Christian Academy (NCCA) is a 21st century Christian day school serving students in grades kindergarten through twelfth, primarily residing in Plainfield, although we have students who come from as far as Paterson to be educated at our school.  NCCA is located in the historic First-Park Baptist Church building, and we are ecstatic that not only did God provide for our facility needs almost seven years ago, but First-Park Baptist Church, celebrating 195 years of ministry, has since we opened our doors, September 14, 2006, made us a mission of the church.  The pastor, Rev. Rufus McClendon, is not only the chaplain of our school and one of our most ardent supporters, he, along with his wife, Gerry, now experience NCCA from the standpoint of having a family member enrolled in the student body.

The vision of NCCA is to train academically-equipped, spiritually-minded leaders who will make a difference in the world.  This vision is indelibly etched on our hearts and drives everything we do, because we realize if ever there was a time that homes, churches, and communities need Christ-honoring, Bible believing leaders-THE TIME IS NOW.  The mission and purpose of our academy is to partner with parents and other concerned adults to train our students in truth, righteousness, and educational excellence, helping them to achieve their God-given potential and instilling the excitement of lifelong learning and serving.  NCCA is special place where miracles abound.  Because we started from the humble beginnings of just $250, it is quite a miracle that our doors ever opened.  Given the adversities we experience from so many channels, it is a miracle we stay open. But we trust God every step along the way and continue to prepare our scholars for the challenges of a 21st century life of faith.  Already our students are trusted leaders in their local churches.  Not only are we thrilled to have placed students in prestigious high schools like Wardlaw-Hartridge, Kent Place, and St. Peter’s Prep, but we give God all the glory for assisting our inaugural high school graduate to be accepted into 6 colleges.  He now attends a Christian college, Eastern University in St. David’s, PA, where he majors in music composition.  New Covenant Christian Academy is a school with an exemplary track record that you should know about because we may be able to support the educational vision of your local church.  For further information about NCCA visit our website at or call the school for an on-site tour.  Please pray for NCCA and all other Christian day schools as we labor in the vineyard of our Lord.