Fair Schedules, Disaster Care and the Upcoming Elections


The church needs to rediscover its voice and respond to the pressing needs of our world! In support of that mandate, the ABCNJ Public Mission Committee is asking the region's pastors and churches to consider three important issues that affect the lives of the people in our congregations and the community at large.

Fair Schedules NJ

Do you have church members, friends or family that hold jobs that feature inconsistent schedules? Several ABCNJ pastors (James deBoer, Marsha Butler, Kathleen Roney, Osvaldo Jimenez and others) have invested energy in this issue and are wondering if other ABCNJ churches and pastors might wish to join in their efforts. Attached is a flyer in Spanish and English that explains the issues, and an email you can write to if you would like to become more involved or share your own experiences.

Red Cross Disaster Spiritual Care Providers

ABCNJ pastor Willard Ashley has been a nationally recognized leader in providing spiritual care in response to natural and humanity-caused disasters. The Red Cross is offering classes for clrgy who are interested in becoming Red Cross certified Disaster Spiritual care Providers. See the attached flyer for course information.

Responding Spiritually to the National Elections

The committee also had a lively conversation on the state of American politics and how the church needs to respond. The Committee is encouraging our churches to foster reconciliation, healing and unity in two ways.

First, we ask every church to include prayers for our country's unity and reconciliation during their Communion services on Sunday, November 6 - two days before the election.

Second, we are inviting the ABCNJ family to join in a region-wide time of prayer by group telephone on Monday evening, November 7 at 7:00 PM, hosted by Rev. Dr. Gloria and Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Newark.

Participant Instructions:

  1. Call the Dial-In Number – (515) 739-1285
  2. Enter your Access Code – 733193.

The ABCNJ Public Mission Committee seeks to foster dialogue and action as our region grows in spiritual health and mission faithfulness. Examples of issues covered in the past are immigration and the death penalty, missions supported in the past include ESL, Sacred Safe Spaces and Anti-Poverty. At its December 1 meeting, the Committee will focus on adoption.


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Disaster Care

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Fair Schedules

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