Exciting New Course from ABCNJ Academy

The clergy of ABCNJ are privileged to have Dr. Paul Borden with us for a day of continuing education on Monday, October 22nd.  This is the next class offered by the ABCNJ Academy and will count as one of the eight courses needed toward the requirements of the Certificate of Excellence for clergy who have their M. Div. degree.  You are invited to join with the staff of ABCNJ for a presentation by Dr. Paul Borden, the Executive Minister of Growing Healthy Churches, on his book, Make or Break Your Church in 365 Days.  This is a book on time management for pastors.

How does a pastor determine the important and effective use of time without pushing oneself toward burnout in accomplishing the work of ministry?  Paul has been working with pastors in his region to help them become more effective with the use of their time on a weekly basis.  Such practical ideas and suggestions are not something one learns in any traditional seminary course.  So time management can be a difficult and overwhelming task for pastors both new and old.  Pastoral ministry covers so many different aspects and topics within the life of a church with ministry opportunities and ideas never coming to an end.  Paul’s book and his presentation will help answer this question.

We will be gathering at the regional office in Hamilton Square, NJ at 11:00 am and the course will be over by 4:00 pm.  The course will cost $15 per person including lunch.  Please click here for the registration form and also email Dr. Pete Ely, Director of the ABCNJ Academy to let him know you have registered.  When registered you will have committed yourself to a valuable and practical continuing education course!