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Chained Personality - African American Baptists and Hitler's persecution of the JewsCome hear Dr. Spitzer's new presentation, based on his holocaust research, on how African-American Baptists opposed Hitler based on Baptist convictions. Christ Resurrection Missionary Baptist Church in East Orange is hosting the event on May 12, 2016 at 6:30 pm. Dr. Leora Liggins is the senior pastor of the church. [lead]Dr. Spitzer will speak on “Chained Personality: African-American Baptists and Hitler’s Persecution of the Jews.”[/lead] He will discuss how African-American Baptists related to American Jews, and responded to the Nazi oppression of the Jews and the Holocaust. He will share previously little known stories about the African-American reaction to Kristallnacht, the contribution of African-American Baptists to the collective Baptist response to Hitlerism, how the European Jewish plight impacted the African-American civil rights movement in unexpected ways, and how a very special friendship between an African-American Baptist pastor and a Jewish rabbi in Brooklyn brought two communities together.

The event is open to everyone. An offering will be taken in support of the Cedars of Lebanon scholarship endowment.