Come Join The Team


The 2016 camp season is approaching fast!  Every year we have to recruit a new team comprised of summer staff and volunteers. The summer staff consists of about 25 folks from the age of 16 years and up.  While the counseling crew has a minimum age of 18, all other crews can be as young as 16.  Our summer staff needs to commit to working from June 19th to August 6th.  The team works together, plays together, worships together and even celebrates Christmas together!

A Great Team

Camp could never function without a good support group of volunteers!  Every year it gets harder and harder to find men and women who will give a week of their time to counsel a group of girls or boys.  It can be tough work, yet when the week is over  a lifetime of memories for campers and counselors alike!  I cannot truly express how gratifying it will be when you know that you have changed a life forever!  Every year I have the privilege to see new Christians born into the Kingdom because someone took the time to be a counselor!  Several years ago I overheard two volunteers speaking to each other as they were in the swimming pool sharing how hard it was to serve the Lord!  Of course they were laughing and having a great time of being volunteers.

Whether you come as summer staff or a weekly volunteer, I assure you that you will make a difference and you will find it very rewarding as you help to change lives.  I believe you will find that the campers are not the only ones whose lives are changing!  So make plans to come be a part of this wonderful ministry and join our team.  I would also ask you to share our needs with your church, your family and your friends.  Help me to recruit the best summer staffing ever.

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