Cancer Companions Conference Call


cancer-companions-logo [lead]How can we help cancer families?[/lead]

This is a question on the minds of Christians everywhere. How can Jesus' disciples come alongside of people who are wrestling with cancer and walk with them on this very distinct spiritual journey?

ABCNJ invites you to join a new partnership with Cancer Companions which will help us bring the light of Christ into people's cancer journeys. Rev. Gregory McMillan (pastor of Hamilton Square Baptist Church) will be joined with Karen Tripp (President of Cancer Companions) about how to be part of this incredible volunteer ministry.

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A conference call.


Tuesday, March 29th
2 PM & 6:30 PM

How to participate?

Call Rev. McMillian (856)905-4288 or register online at Cancer Companions [/column] [column size="1/2" last]

Topics Covered

  1. Who in a cancer family needs help?
  2. How can a trained Cancer Companion Volunteers help meet these needs?
  3. What materials are available to assist the Cancer Companion Volunteer?
  4. What training is available for Cancer Companions Volunteers and Ministry Leaders? [/column] [/raw]