Have you noticed? God often surprises us with the unexpected encounter, the unforeseen call. If only we have “eyes to see” – to recognise when God introduces us to a new person, or a new journey, or a new understanding. “Bump” is this year’s theme at the NZ Baptist seminary in Auckland.

We ‘bumped’ into many New Zealand Baptist colleagues during a recent visit to their national headquarters, and were inspired to learn about the range of ministries they have both at home and in SE Asia. On the same trip, we visited a community housing project for “single women over 65” sponsored by a local Baptist church. This came about because Bruce ‘bumped’ into one of the trustees at a social entrepreneurship conference.

It is encouraging to see how God is putting the pieces in place for us to serve in Thailand, Burma, Indonesia and Vietnam in the coming 4 months through a whole series of divinely inspired ‘bumps’. We’ll keep you posted as the opportunities take shape.

Have you seen God at work in a recent ‘bump’ in your life? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

A delightful “bump”: being invited to speak with pastors and missionaries in training at the “Mission of God” class at the seminary.