Blessing service for Pastor Lim!


I went to a special service on Friday, December 21st, at 9 PM in Teaneck NJ for Rev. Dong Soo Lim, Mission Pastor of Evergreen Baptist Church, where Joshua Pyon is senior pastor. The congregation had a special service for Pastor Lim. Pastor Pyon led the service and Pastor Lim shared about his new church planting. His sermon was about the filling of the Holy Spirit, God will support us. After the sermon, I was the representative of the ABCNJ Associate Regional Pastor for Asian ministries giving a word of encouragement to Pastor Lim and the congregation, and a thank you to Pastor Pyon and the congregation since they have been working well together with Pastor Lim for the pastor five years. I gave Pastor Lim and the congregation some guidance as to what was needed to join our region and new church planting. After the service we had fellowship and blessings for his new journey. Now Pastor Pyon and Evergreen Baptist church want to support Pastor Lim and his new church. They proposed to mission support Pastor Lim for 10 months at $800.00 a month, through the ABCNJ region.


Pastor Lim already has a place to rent and plan to begin the first week of January. The Church name is "Overflowing Joy Church" in Paramus. What a blessing it is that he has such a wonderful relationship with his old church and partnership with our region. May God bless Pastor Lim and his family's new beginnings to the glory of God.