Bible Study at the Museum of Biblical Art in Manhattan


Bible Study at the  Museum of Biblical Art (MOBiA) St. Paul Baptist Church, Montclair, where Rev. Deborah L. Spivey is the Interim Pastor- visited the Museum of Biblical Art (MOBiA), to experience the, "Ashe to Amen Exhibit", which "investigates the intersections and crossroads of aesthetics and belief in African American art. For more than two centuries, the Bible has been a catalyst for this multicultural and initially disenfranchised artistic community and has been inspiring the creation of sacred, spiritual, and religious spaces and identity. The exhibition's title takes its name from praise terms commonly used in African and African American communities. "Ashe", a Yoruba word, refers to the creative power of an artist to make something happen. "Amen" is an affirmation meaning essentially "so be it".  The visual continuum on display in Ashe to Amen presents the inventive, deeply personal, and ongoing interpretations of the Bible created by artists from the African American community."

Each artist shared biblical scriptures and stories through art, in the form of paintings, sculptures, photos, crochet, and quilting.  It provided another opportunity for St. Paul members and neighbors to fellowship together.  The trip was inspired and organized by Minster Gwen Parker Ames, Minister of Youth and Family Ministry at St. Paul; together she and Rev. Gina Jacobs-Strain collaborated to create an experience that enabled families to study the word of God through this exhibit and to more broadly consider art as a useful vehicle to study the gospel.

As we arrived at the museum, the kids were given clip boards and asked to draw pictures or share their thoughts about the art that seemed to represent these six themes; creation, faith, liberty,  identity,  hope and  revelation. The kids rendered beautiful pictures and insightful observations.  In addition to this exhibit some explored the Museum's collection of Bibles.  After the exhibit,  Rev. Jacobs-Strain lead the participants in a bible study discussion centered around the themes and scriptures discovered in the exhibit.  It was exciting to experience the word of God through a collage of artistic commentaries; and to captured a glimpse of the artist's spiritual journey and a introspective view of our own journeys.  It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday studying the word of God in community and in a museum dedicated to sharing the Good News.   Ashe to Amen, reminded  us of God's omnipresence and providence.

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The exhibit should be available on their website shortly and will move to Baltimore.