Bev Allegretti Accepts New Position

ABCNJ would like to share with our regional family that one of our team's administrative assistants, Beverly Allegretti, will be ending her service on Thursday, May 23, 2013. She has been with the region for over 15 years. In recent years, Bev also coordinated ABCNJ's Inclusive Ministries, which advocates for inclusion of people with disabilities into church life. With the region's blessings and support, Bev will join the Missional Life & Leadership Ministry Unit of the American Baptist Home Mission Societies in Valley Forge, effective June 3rd, 2013. She will serve as part of the administrative support team and will primarily work on projects related to ABHMS’ Prisoner Re-Entry Ministries, Intercultural Ministries and Discipleship Ministries.

Please note that Bev's e-mail account will be deactivated on Thursday. Starting immediately, please send general email correspondence to the ABCNJ office by using the following address: