Are You In The Picture


Each year Memorial Day brings out many of our Latino Churches for a day of food, games, worship and all around fun and fellowship.  The day, for me, started at 6 am. as I headed out for coffee and doughnuts for our pre-camp staffers and all of the volunteers that come to help us serve a group this large!  Our first two picnic groups arrived at 6:30 am.!  I can only imagine what time they had to get up and pack to get here that early!! This year the attendance was down with a total of 944 people in attendance.  Last year was the largest crowd that I have experienced at 1,300 people!  I am sure that the five days of rain prior to Monday had scared off a few folks.  The day was about as perfect a day as one could ask for.  Sunny skies, temperatures in the mid-seventies, a slight breeze wafting the wonderful aromas of food all through the camp. I can never think of Memorial Day without thinking of the beauty of the day shared with all of the folks that come to Camp Lebanon to make a day of memories.  Of course in my imagination I can almost smell the food!