ABCNJ Provides Anti-Poverty Grant to Homeless Outreach


Imagine coming upon a small community of homeless people under a train trestle - what would you do?  Keep on walking or driving past them?  Or, would you stop and help?

Revs. Paulo and Regina Guedes, and the members of their new church start in Harrison, Igreja Batista Nova Jerusalem, decided to stop and help.  They have been ministering to this community as an expression of Christ's love and concern.

The American Baptist Churches of New Jersey is providing this church with a $400 Anti-Poverty Grant in support of their outreach.  The funds for this grant come from the author royalty donation from Dr. Spitzer's book, Making Friends, Making Disciples.  

Your church can support the region's work to promote anti-poverty ministry throughout New Jersey by making a donation to the region's Anti-Poverty account, or by having Dr. Spitzer come to your church and do a Making Friends workshop.  All royalties from book sales go to this ministry.