ABC of the Dakotas is Searching for its Next Executive Minister


Position: Executive Minister, ABC of the Dakotas Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Contact: Bob Weiss via email:

Deadline for nominations: March 18, 2013 Deadline for applications: April 1, 2013

Description: A candidate with the vision and leadership to guide the ABC of the Dakota’s people and ministries spiritually and administratively. Attitudes, Skills and Abilities desired:

• A rich spiritual life and practice

• Ability to maintain a positive, but realistic outlook into the future

• A committed and proven skill set in the following areas: building relationships through effective communication, nurturing fellowship and pastoral care

• Ability to respond to the personal, spiritual, and professional needs of pastors

• Ability to provide resources for congregations during times of crisis and conflict.

• A masters degree is required and a master of divinity is preferred

• Compensation range: $67,000 to $72,000

If interested please send nominations or applications to Bob Weiss ( Applications must include a brief letter of interest and preferably an ABPS profile.

The American Baptist Churches of the Dakotas, confessing the Saviorhood and Lordship of Christ, and functioning as an affiliating unit of the American Baptist Churches USA (hereafter referred to as ABC/USA), seek to assist member churches of the ABCD, affiliated organizations, and related ecumenical agencies to engage with increasing effectiveness in the mission of Christ through:

  1. Identity: Recognizing the importance of identity as people of God, recognizing who we are as American Baptists and the relationship of our churches to the ABC/USA. Providing affirmation to the unique nature of each individual church, to relate their needs to the larger church family, to foster fellowship among local churches and provide support and encouragement for ministry. Maintaining good pastoral relationships within the Region by providing opportunities for pastors and the staff to fellowship and support one another, and also encourage fellowship among pastors within their Area. Providing affirmation to the laity, recognizing that they are called by Christ to minister in His name wherever they are, offering training to strengthen their skills and develop leadership, and providing opportunities for ministry in their local church, Area, and in the Region.

  2. Mission: Understanding that mission has no boundaries—it is both within and beyond the Dakotas—each church and member needs to fully demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ and the full meaning of Lordship by supporting, interpreting, praying for, extending, and financially undergirding the mission of Jesus Christ as expressed by ABC/USA and ABCD as part of the Christian community.

  3. Christian Education: Assisting in educating ABCD members to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the biblical foundations for ministry by providing opportunities for leadership development, resource information, and an active camping ministry so they are equipped to minister in their home; in their church, both locally and regionally; in their vocation; in their community; and in the world.

  4. Evangelism: Knowing that we are called by God to be witnesses of the gospel based on Christ’s “Great Commission” as stated in Matthew 28:18-20, we are to assist the ABCD in their evangelistic outreach by providing opportunities for enrichment of skills in the areas of personal witness, becoming an “inviting church,” and encouraging their participation in the evangelism efforts of the larger church family.

The Region is the coordinating agency for its member congregations and Areas with the ABC/USA.