AB Girls Looking for New Leaders

One of my duties as the AB GIRLS Coordinator is to oversee the application process for the National Leadership Team.  We are looking for girls to apply in grades 8-10.  If you are aware of someone who displays leadership skills or the potential for developing her leadership skills, I would encourage you to give her the attached application. We still have 2 positions vacant. The attached application details the requirements, terms of service, duties, and has information for parental consent as well as recommendations. A girl does not have to be a member of an AB GIRLS group at her church, as along as she attends an ABC church.

This experience on the team encourages spiritual growth and social growth. The team travels to different parts of country, where they often experience different types of worship and return to their home church with ideas and experiences to share. There is a great deal of community service which occurs as we often partake in mission opportunities. As leaders, we see a great deal of growth for example some girls come on the team shy and leave more outspoken due to the fact that they partake in public speaking often.

If you know of a talented young lady please give them the application and feel free to give them my contact info so I can follow up with them.

Included in the pdf attachment is also a parents newsletter which describes important information for parents to familiarize themselves with the program.

God bless,

Ruth Alerte, OD AB GIRLS Coordinator dralerte@gmail.com