A Time To Grow


In Ecclesiastes we read that there is a "time for everything under the sun"!  Today's picture shows that it really is a "Time To Grow". A time to grow can almost certainly be a theme for the ministry of Camp Lebanon.  Camp has always prepared the buildings and grounds, placed in our care, to make space for renewals and growth through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For sixtyfive years we have tilled the soil so that seeds may be planted.  We have planted the "organic" seeds as well as the seeds of the Spirit of Christ.  We have been allowed to see much of the growth that our Spiritual seeds have produced as well as the organic seeds.  Today, seeing these daffodils in full bloom, reminds me that our summer camping season is but a short time away.  My prayer is that the soil will once again be fertile so that the Spiritual seeds may take root and produce a beautiful crop once again!

My prayer is that even now God might be whispering in your ear to "Come and See" what Camp Lebanon is all about. Why not come and grow with us as we share the good news of Jesus Christ and see if it might be your time to grow along side of us.  Together we will most certainly make a very wonderful picture that God will be pleased with.