A Sabbatical Opportunity


Completing a Sabbatical Journey

The featured image on this post is a photo of a sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean that I took in Ocean City, Maryland. While both are resplendently beautiful, sunrises always evoke a special meaning for me in a way that is distinct from sunsets. Sunrises herald newness, fresh beginnings, hopeful anticipation, serendipity of the unexpected, growth.

In the coming months of July-August 2013, I will be completing the second and final half of my sabbatical leave. During those two months I will be involved in two major projects. First, I will be engaged in an intensive Spanish language study. Second, I will be finishing the writing of my next book on the topic of a spirituality of discernment in the congregational pastoral call process.

The ministry and service of the ABCNJ regional ministry team never stops, and neither does yours!  So while I am away, please direct all your needs and concerns for which you would have otherwise contacted me, to Rev. Dr. Lee B. Spitzer, our senior regional pastor and executive minister, or to Rev. Vernl Mattson and Rev. Erin Phillips, who serve with me as ABCNJ associate regional pastors.

Please keep me in your prayers, as I will do you.

Have a blessed summer!