Sacred Safe Spaces Has Expanded

Sacred Safe Spaces Banner

When Sacred Safe Spaces was first brought into being, its focus was on bringing both awareness and healing to the realities of domestic violence.  Because violence is not limited to the domestic setting, this ministry has expanded to  include all violence against self and others. Violence can be experienced in schools, workplaces and the community-at-large.  As such sexual harassment, sexual assault, bullying, elder abuse, toxic relationships, and human trafficking have now been included under the Sacred Safe Spaces Covenant.

Sacred Safe Spaces has a vision that ABCNJ churches will be healthy and faithful communities where peace, mutual respect, and love are upheld for all people.  Our mission is to see faith leaders, congregations, and neighborhood organizations working collaboratively to create compassionate healing communities which provide safe places for the restoration of those who have experienced violence.

Our Congregational Covenant Agreement has been revised, and now includes an agreement between ABCNJ and the church.  As ABCNJ's Sacred Safe Spaces Coordinator I stand ready to support your church with planning, identifying helpful resources, and providing both personal training and materials for your congregation – young and old.  Our Sacred Safe Spaces banner, pictured above, will be presented at September's Annual Session to new churches who sign on to this covenant if confirmation is received by August 31, 2018. To read the revised covenant for yourself, or download a PDF copy, please click/tap the button below.