Haven't Registered for COAL North? There's Still Time!

How can we, as Jesus’ disciples, better pool our gifts and talents and form something greater than what we could attain on our own?

This is the question behind COAL 2018. Come join the ABCNJ community as we gather to learn, grow, and be renewed for Jesus' mission in this world!

Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity, this year's sessions are some of our best ever, and cover timely topics ranging from building community in the midst of crisis, church security, and expressing faith in the public sphere.

For more information on COAL 2018, check out our web site. Pre-registration for COAL North closes at 11:30 PM on February 28. It will be possible to register at the door, but same day registrations are not guaranteed lunch and may find their preferred sessions are full. Don't miss out, register today!